A holistic treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind

Take time for yourself and give your body what it needs, with a regenerative massage from a therapist who can provide the right environment and care for your individual needs

Regenerative massage services

What you receive depends on what you want and need. No one person is the same and no massage is either. Before a massage we will talk about you and your problems, then discuss what you want out of the treatment. During a session I work sometimes standing with clothes, on the table with oil or through a towel and utilise different techniques and tools in order to give your body the best possible treatment I am able to deliver.

Personal training services

Aaron offers a unique and integrative approach to personal training, using his years of experience as a professional dancer and massage therapist, in combination with the fitness regimens he has adapted across multiple disciplines.
Aaron has integrated key aspects of training from dance, sports, functional fitness, yoga, somatic practices and martial arts into a method of training that focuses on movement to help the body and mind heal and regenerate itself, develop capacity and strength, and increase functional range of motion.

About the practitioner

Aaron is a highly skilled and sensitive massage practitioner with training in various techniques and an intricate knowledge of the body. He is attuned to the energetic and physical state of his clients and has an innate ability to feel the unconscious layers of a body that want attention.

He uses these skills, along with his experience as a professional dancer, to give a holistic massage that caters to your individual needs. He has adapted his unique style to pinpoint problemed areas, target and ease pain and stiffness as well as assist in relaxation and rehabilitation.