Regenerative massage

When you schedule a massage session with me, my goal is to relax tension in the muscles and nervous system, adjust structural imbalances and release blockages, both physical and psychological in order to assist in better functionality of joints and muscles, as well as a calmer and clearer mind.

Benefits of regenerative massage

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Assists with cell repair and blood flow

  • Relaxes the nervous system

  • Increases body-awareness

  • Helps to unblock psychophysical tension trapped in the body

Regenerative massage services

What you receive depends on what you want and need. No one person is the same and no massage is either. Before a massage we will talk about you and your problems, then discuss what you want out of the treatment. During a session I work sometimes standing with clothes, on the table with oil or through a towel and utilise different techniques and tools in order to give your body the best possible treatment I am able to deliver.

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