Personal training

Transform your fitness and wellness journey with my unique and integrative approach to personal training. With years of experience as a professional dancer and massage therapist, I developed a one-of-a-kind method of training that combines elements from multiple disciplines, including dance, sports, functional fitness, yoga, somatic practices, and martial arts.

Personalized training by Aaron

If you book a personal training session, Aaron will discuss your fitness goals and aspects of your body that you wish to improve and cater a personalised fitness session that fits you best.

Together we can improve: your functional range of motion and general flexibility, improve posture, gain strength and increase your overall fitness and capacity.

We will work with the body and with workout equipment such as kettlebells, clubs, maces, rings etc.

Personal training services

All my sessions are geared towards teaching you skills to improve your bodies function, some sessions can be softer movement training and body analysis which pair well with a massage. Other sessions can be more intense skill based training often using weights which should be taken separately.

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